Persuasive Narrative Writing

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The sun reflects off the green blades of grass and onto my light grey two story house with white window shutters. 90 degrees fahrenheit, I read on my phone. Why do I have to go outside? I think to myself. My twin brother Joseph and I were forced to play outside. We are fraternal twins. Sitting on the porch, bored out of our minds. There is nothing to do. I tell myself. “Mom, I’m bored,” I whine to my mom who is cleaning the house while my dad is at work. “If you’re bored, I can find something for you to clean Sophie,” said my mom. “Nevermind,” I say. I hate cleaning, like every other kid in America. I think to myself. After what seemed like thirty minutes of waiting around doing nothing, I got bored. “Hey do you want to race?” I ask Joseph. “Sure I guess, but I will totally beat you,” he answers. “Whoever can do three laps around the house first and fastest wins. No cheating,” I say the rules as I draw the finish line. We race. I run as fast as I can but he still beats me. If I just jumped over the finish line I would have beat him. He beat me by a nanosecond. I need to beat him at something. I think. I am very competitive. After about five minutes of a mix of sulking that I lost and trying to figure out what I can beat Joseph in, a tall tree catches my eye. “Hey how about we see who can climb the highest on that tree”, I say as I point to the tree that looks 110 feet tall. As I walk to the tree, my brother goes on about how I shouldn’t be doing this, but
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