Persuasive Outline On Prescription Drug Prices

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Policy Persuasive Outline

I. Introduction A. Imagine this: you are tragically diagnosed with a chronic life-threatening illness. Your only hope to survive is through medication to treat your disorder. The medicine is pricy but you can work out the costs each month. One day, you go to fill your prescriptions and realize the cost of a $13 pill has jumped to an astounding $750. You need this patented medication to survive and to afford it you end up losing your home, filing for bankruptcy, and sleeping in your car. This story sounds fictional but it is the reality for many Americans who can no longer afford their grossly overpriced medications. B. I am here today to persuade you all that the Federal government should pass a bill to be able to negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. C. There will be two steps to explaining this issue: first, I will explain the problems associated with not capping off prescription drug prices, and second, I will explain the process used to do so. II. Body
A. Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the sick, and the government has little in place to prevent this.
1. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most powerful and greedy industries in our country, with a goal to make as large a profit as possible, at the expense of the sick. a) (Source #5) VA #1 b) (Source #6) In the article “Sick of Big Pharma’s Greed”, Bernie Sanders states that “the former CEO of Gilead (John Martin) became a billionaire

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