Persuasive School Violence

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Imagine this, a parent just sent his/her kid to school. The parent is worried if they will meet someone new in their class. The parent is casually watching the news and hears that there was a shooting at her child's school. The adult begins to worry and rushes to the school. The parent was notified that her child was safe and secure; but soon to find out, the child's friend that she had just made, was shot by the gunman. Throughout the years, school violence has become a controversial topic in the press. Parents do not want to keep worrying when they send his/her child to school. The parent should be at ease when they send their son or daughter to a safe environment. School violence needs to be stopped in its place as soon as possible! The first reason school violence should be stopped, is for the school to become a safer environment for the child. Some schools are already giving background checks to incoming visitors that enter the school building. All schools need to get this program as soon as they can. This program sees if the visitor is a registered sex offender, a felony, and and major crimes on their record. The visitor would be denied entry and not allowed into the building. This safety precaution would make the United States schools an extremely better environment for the future students of the upcoming generation. Another way to make schools safer is to educate everyone. Teachers need to start educating their students about the problem that is going around
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