Persuasive Solution To Climate Change

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Climate change, a global issue that affects all, from the smallest bacteria to the largest mammal, has been noticed by scientists for over a century, and yet no fix all solution has been proposed for climate change. Climate change is causing glaciers to melt, animals to go extinct or be labeled as endangered, the acidity of the oceans to rise dramatically, and numerous other horrendous examples. The list of animals that have gone extinct specifically because of climate change, but there are a few examples of animals that are thought to have gone extinct due to climate change, and those species are the golden toad, even more devastating effects such as polar bears having to search for new food sources, and new land, because the antarctic sea ice they rely on for hunting and living is melting at a more rapid pace. The polar bear is just one of many species affected by climate change, other species include coral, the green sea turtle, and perhaps thousands more. However, since climate change is such a complex issue, only a few solutions have even been presented to attempt to fix the issue, but no single solution has been presented and accepted around the world. Former President Barack Obama even stated that “There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate” (15 Quotes on climate change by world leaders, 2017). A primary contributor to these worsening effects are humans
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