Persuasive Speech About Beach Shop

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-The reality
The beauty industry. It 's a great place. At least from our eyes. Here 's the truth, those ads promoting the new 'beach wave hair spray ', they 're fake. Those models on the cover of magazines, they 're photoshopped. Those billboards planted all around the city promoting the new highlighter, that have a photo of a girl with absolutely no perfections, IT 'S FAKE! Now, this may very well be no shock to some of us, maybe all of us, but you have to ask yourself, is there really an ugly side to the beauty industry? Get this, there is!

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What is Photoshop? defines photoshop, as digital image editing software. It 's something you can learn, something you can enjoy, maybe even a hobby!
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Something needs to be done, not only to stop the disgusting meaning behind ads like this, but to show people, that slim, is not beauty. CNN Article, shows us that a study came out with unsurprising results. It showed that one in four people are depressed about their body image, about a third said, they would sacrifice a year of their life to get the ideal body, and almost half of the girls surveyed, think that constant pressure to look good is the worst part of being a female. It 's not just females either. Males are having to deal with the terrible beauty industry as well! Constant pressure to have abs, the perfect jawline, flawless skin. Its unbelievable! You would have to blind to think that this isn 't a serious matter that has to be attended to ASAP! The constant pressure from these magazines, ads, billboards, and so on, don 't make matters any better. THE WORLD NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

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-What are we doing about Photoshop?
So, what is the world actually doing about Photoshop? CNN published an article titled, "False beauty in advertising and the pressure to look good". One of the main things stated in the article is that, quote, "These images don 't reflect reality, yet from a younger and younger age, people are aspiring to these biologically impossible ideals.". Since these photos, ads, billboards, magazines, and so on are, 'false ', and people want to be "just like them", it ' 's not possible! It 's unrealistic, and when people aren 't
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