Persuasive Speech About Bicycle

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There’s obviously a bunch of stuff I could talk about, everyone has a crap ton of stuff that they have experienced. I am going to be talking about a few trade-offs that I have experienced myself. As many of you may know I ride a little dirt bike. Started 2 years this January. Riding isn’t some easy task, don’t get me wrong anyone can jump on a dirt bike or a four-wheeler and “ride” it, but I’m talking about actually experiencing difficulties and crashing. You learn from your mistakes a lot when you’re working on your dirt biking skills. The biggest one for me is your stamina. It’s really hard to control how hard you ride when you don’t know what or when you’re riding. Obviously, you have to push yourself to get better at anything,…show more content…
In my family, we believe that dirt bikes are made for grass and dirt and not to be ridden during the winter. They make snowmobiles for that. Anyway, like I said I live in the country, as a soon to be adult you should be making your first car purchase right along the lines of graduation year. I was dead set on buying a truck because there good for anything the only bad part in putting gas in it. Times changed and my opinion on that changed also. Just recently I bought a two-door manual transmission car. Not the best for winter but whatever. I mom doesn’t agree with that purchase that’s why I didn’t go through her to get half of it paid for. It’s a good beater car for a high school student. There is half of the trade-off: purchasing a car over a truck. The other half is even purchasing anything, because I still have to pay my parents for the bike they bought me. In my opinion a car should come first rather than the bike. My mother agreed with me on that one but didn’t like my choice of car. So, I said whatever and kind of blew it off. What I’m trying to say is don’t base your life on what’s always going to be the better thing in the near or far future. Live life a little and make some mistakes, but do learn from those mistakes when you can. There is almost always going to be something above your level of stability but what works for you is all that matters. Like I said before I believe in the happy choices in life, not trying to stress about

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