Persuasive Speech About Bullying

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What will happen when you lose someone so special due to “bullying?”. Imagine coming home after school waiting for that call from your friend, but remembering she/ he i gone. Imagine coming home after school every day crying only because the girls at school are insulting you and approaching you. “Why you ask?”, because of the mere fact that I was associated with her. Imagine walking through the hallways of school and not be able to smile at one another. Day & night you continue to receive messages that makes you feel unwanted, and miserable. Bullying is not only a crime, but it is also a verbal abuse. Bullying is a stage of denial, regret, and hate. We all have our differences, which makes us unique. Only for some it’s the opposite. All around the world, children face one of the biggest issue in society today, “bullying”. Bullying is killing another innocent soul. Bullying is also destroying someone’s reputation. One who bully’s, faces criticism at home then at school or anywhere else. Since we live in a technological society there are other ways where bullying can occur. However, we will only talk to about the bullying that takes place during school. For some, bullying is an escape from reality. It’s the idea of being superior. But what about the kids that are being picked on? We don’t usually realize the amount of damage we do to others. Statistics show that about 1.4% of people die from suicide. Visualize your best friend or sister or maybe even your
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