Persuasive Speech About Crafting

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When people think of crafting, they think of craft fairs in small towns, of mothers and grandmothers manning booths with hand-sewn clothing for American Girl dolls and beeswax candles and hand-knitted mittens and hats - and they're not totally wrong. But these days, everyone is crafting.

Thanks to the proliferation of "do it yourself" blogs on the internet and online interior design magazines, crafting is bigger than ever. It's become something that's no longer reserved for grandmothers who spend their days sewing quilts while they watch episode after episode of General Hospital. In fact, many young people have taken up crafting, having figured out that making great gifts and things for your home is so much easier and better than buying them.

This year, instead of gifting store-bought gifts, consider making things on your own. When you've crafted something that you give your friend or your family member, it's made with love. You've put time and effort into it, and that often means much more to someone than something you bought at the local mall. Luckily, you can get all the craft supplies you need online! Here are
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Most moms have cookie cutters galore, but did you know that you can also use cookie cutters for crafting, not baking? Sure, you'll use them at Halloween, and again at Christmas, and again at Valentine's Day and on Easter Sunday - but why not use them to help the kids learn their shapes? They can trace around the cookie cutters, even use them to create made at home Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. Bone-shaped cookie cutters can be used to make treats for your furry friends, and any fun shape can be used as either the basis of an ornament for your tree or an ornament itself - simply add some paint and glitter! Many people think that cookie cutters are limited to baking only, but that simply isn't the case. There's lots you can do with cookie cutters - the fun doesn't have to
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