Persuasive Speech About Diabetes

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Diabetes and friends are two words that could have a relation if we just thought about it for a little. If diabetes was capable of approaching you, then you are in the hands of death. People my age, older than me, and younger than me are easily deceived by diabetes; however, some people are cautious. I don’t promise you that you will escape its death. So I was astounded when I found myself actually concerned about how diabetes actually be your friend after my grandfather had experienced this. Since my grandfather had had diabetes, I was interested in knowing what does diabetes actually have or do that lead to the everlasting friendship. I. What I Already Knew I don’t know much about diabetes, but I know that diabetes is the increase in blood sugar which causes symptoms to decide which type is taking place. Some symptoms that I have noticed when my grandfather had diabetes is gaining weight, dizziness, fainting and vomiting…show more content…
 What are the treatments? III. How I Went About Finding Out What I Wanted to Know I began my research by interviewing my dad. He is a doctor, so he pretty well knows about diabetes. It wasn’t really a long interview but I grasped some information. Some of the questions that I wanted to know are what are some treatments? , and what is exactly diabetes? My father has an old friend, who is also a doctor, so I decided that he should take me a tour in the hospital to show me some pictures that resemble diabetes. His name was George. We started visualizing the brain at the x-ray room. We observed that the brain started to initiate an initial damage and blockage starts to happen. Then we perceived the lungs; we found out that bronchial tubes are congested by mucus. Then took a closer look at the stomach and found out that the stomach changes all food into glucose and then the glucose builds up in the bloodstream. From that tour, I have gathered a lot of information that will help me later. IV. What I
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