Persuasive Speech About E-Days

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Are snow days over?could E-days be replacing snow days.A E-day is a snow day except you do your school work at home.E-days are alternative to snow days.This essay will persuade you that E-days are good because kids can do their school work at home and they would have more time to do it.
First, E-days save money. The kids do not have to go to school, so the buses don’t have to pick up the kids. No electricity for heater or light. The kids are at home and don’t go to school. E-days save money.E-days are good because you can do your school work at home and not be bothered by other students or teachers.E-days save money.
Second,Education is not interrupted.You don't have people there to mess you up when you're doing your work.Continue schoolwork
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