Persuasive Speech About Life

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Now you are ALL. Not just a part of you. You are what you like and what you don’t like at yourself. You are complete. The sky, the earth and everything visible and invisible lives inside your being, but your logical mind can’t understand all these!
Of all the lives you’ve ever lived on this planet, this is the life that will bring the change. This is the life you prayed for so you discover who you are. Some of you will say: “It’s too late. My body is worn out. I am not capable and the required level to do these things. I’m too old and too naive.” Well, what do you want to do, to complain or to change the situation? Perhaps that is why you sit and read this here and now, Light worker!
“Incarnation wasn’t designed as a trap, or to last forever. It was conceived as game, as an adventure, for the Man—God to be able to practice his creative skills and explore Life. Unfortunately, you have let yourself locked in so deep that you become the people of insecurity, people of fear, of vulnerability, people of death. You learnt death and you forget Life. You learnt suffering and you forgot joy. You learn the man and forgot God—sublime intelligence that allows you to create the illusions you want.”
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Some people know how to explain easily and clearly what happens inside our body. Others are good to talk to about how our mind works. And others know what happens to our Soul. When your mind merges with your spirit and your body, everything is transformed. Your mind and body raises to a very high level of vibration. From this moment, your Self lives inside you, through what you choose to experience as a human being.
As long as you have human form, your goal is to reach the highest possible levels of consciousness and personal power. Spiritual awakening is a signal that you’re ready to learn more about your true identity and to move into an active state of co-creation with the
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