Persuasive Speech About Organ Donation

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Organ donation is important for many lives today. People around the world die every day, while they remain on the national transplant waiting list. It is a major issue and the outcomes could be different if more people were signing for organ donation, and also if it was a topic better advertised and shown to people in different perspectives. According to UNOS (united network for organ sharing), one organ donor can save eight lives. Currently around 117,000 people need a lifesaving organ transplant and there are only around 12,000 donors. (UNOS) Even if we assume that each of this 12,000 donors can donate for eight lives on the waiting list, that adds up to 96,000 individuals. According to this calculations, more than 21,000 people wouldn’t be able to receive a critical organ that can be significant for their life and survival. Most people today show a positive attitude towards organ donation, support it and know it can actually save lives. This days, there are plenty of reasons to show positive attitude towards organ donation. First of all, the pressure that society puts on people who show negative attitude towards organ donation. No-one wants to say that they don’t support organ donation, because that would make a bad impression. Another reason is the moral feeling that many have when it comes to human’s life. People know that donating can save someone’s life and sometimes that makes them feel like by donating, they did something good and morally positive. However, that
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