Persuasive Speech About Walking With Women

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TOLEDO, OH- While walking into work, demanding, passionate voices scream ‘Murderer! Nasty! Terrorist!’. They stand tall with their long skirts flowing, religious shirts with phrases like “Jesus is the standard” and their signs containing of computer made, false pictures of fetuses with the large printed word “ABORTION”. The faces of uncomfortable women pass by with their arms crossed, looking away. As they walk into a clinic the voices die down and they enter into the room, taking a seat. Upon chairs laid out in a waiting room style, a table is set out beside them. This table gives choice. This table doesn’t judge; it contains other options for the patient's decision, adoption options, for the people who don’t decide to follow up with the decision of having an abortion. No matter what they decide, people are there, forms are there, to help them.

Have you ever walked into your work and had people screaming at you that what you’re doing is wrong? For the workers who have dedicated their time for women to have access to their legal right to have an abortion, they experience this quite often.

Kristin Hady, a stay at home mom and the volunteer clinic escort coordinator at Capital Care speaks about the protesters. “Their goal is to stand outside and convince patients to not go through with it and they do that with inaccurate and incorrect medical advice. They will tell patients that are in danger of dying or bleeding out but these aren’t people you can talk or reason with,
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