Persuasive Speech About Wearing School Uniforms

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You get up in the morning to put on the exact same outfit over and over again. You walk into school and everyone looks the same. Same colored polos and plaid skirts or khaki pants. You’ll be wearing this every day, every week, and for the entire school year. Boring. Not only do parents have to buy regular clothes for their kids, now they have to buy school uniforms for their kids to wear to school every day. Every family will not be able to afford these school uniforms along with regular clothes. You will look exactly like everyone else. When students wear school uniforms they do not get to express themselves. This limits what they can wear. They will constantly be wearing the same exact outfit over and over again. This could lead to a rebellious phase in the students who have to wear school uniforms. Since they aren’t allowed to express themselves by wearing clothing they like they might do it by getting tattoos or piercings. “Students will always find ways to express themselves, leading to less desirable forms of expression such as tattooing and piercing” (McDermott). My parents would not want me coming home with a tattoo or a new piercing just because I have to wear school uniforms. Since students can’t be rebellious with their clothing style and are forced to wear the same outfit over and over again they have to find a new way to be rebellious. Choosing to get a tattoo or a piercing might be their rebellious action. Not only could they go out and get a piercing or a
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