Persuasive Speech About Zoos

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I. Introduction
A. Zoos in America is a trademark of the “American dream” however, they hold a much sadder background.
B. While it is an exciting experience for many citizens, zoos are unfit places for animals to live.
C. This is not only a problem that affects the United States. Many other countries like Australia and Canada have seen the error in the ways of zoos and have tried to fix them.
D. Thesis: All zoos should be overhauled and replaced with free-range territories or back into the wild to help these animals avoid the detrimental effects that zoo’s cause on their health and to stop teaching people that is okay to imprison these animals.
II. Body
1. Background Info: Zoos in American have changed a lot over the years, but they have not made the full transition to where they should be yet.
A. Zoos legal definition is, “a park or an institution in which living animals are kept and usually exhibited to the public.” This definition is correct in that zoos today are used for public amusement and little is thought of these animals that go through harsh treatment just for us to “enjoy.”
B. Zoos have been around since before Christ and were usually owned by people of power.
C. The earliest known zoo was found recently in Egypt and dates to 3500 B.C and contained a wide variety of animals.
D. Older zoo locations ranged across the world in countries like China, England, and Australia.
E. Now there are modern zoos in almost every city in the world that boasts different arrays of animals. With all these different zoos around the world, we see different approaches on how these animals are treated and what they are subjected to.
F. Although zoos have been around for ages there never have been any strict guidelines on how to properly treat animals that inhabit there.
G. It is mandatory for zoos to have a license from the USDA, but this is the bare minimum. An article from The Washington Post, written by Brian Palmer, stated that “federal regulations that govern animal-exhibition licensing are vague and essentially guarantee only that the animals aren't facing imminent death.”
H. Zoos also must be licensed and inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and
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