Persuasive Speech Adopting Animals

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My persuasive speech was to persuade people to adopt dogs and puppies from shelters and not to buy the animals from puppy mills or stores. I believe that my content was suitable to the audience because it not a broad topic. The topic also talked about animals and a lot of people enjoy dogs. I feel as if my content that I provided in my speech was appropriate because I used statistics to help back up my facts and it was all related to adopting rather than buying as a topic. I fell as if I had a lot of information and that I should have picked more specific points to talk about with my content that way I would have stayed in between the time limitations. I think that I used varied and interesting supporting material to back up my stance on…show more content…
I believe that it set the context because the questions addressed who in the room had adopted or bought a dog. I think that my transitions between my main points were good because I transitioned from the statistics of the shelter into the costs of adopting from the shelter and buying from a breeder or store, then to the puppy mills. I feel as if my conclusion summarized my speech nicely because I restated the main points at the beginning of my conclusion. The end of my speech was nicely wrapped together with my thesis statement and then I transitioned into an ending statement about how the dogs adopted from a shelter get a second chance at life by being adopted.
I think that my delivery of my persuasive speech was the best I have done all semester. I feel as if I made eye contact and keep eye contact with the audience for majority of the speech. I only used my notecards to keep me on track with the PowerPoint and I used differing facial expressions, for example when I was talking about the puppy mills I did not smile and was very serious about the concern of the puppies. I believe that my voice varied throughout my speech to bring emphasis to certain topics that I covered. I feel as if I did not gesture much during my speech, but when I did I gestured toward example
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During my interview, I tried to concentrate on my strengths as a person and with my skills to acquire the job. With my speeches for the informative and persuasive I researched information about my topic and found the content I needed to perform my speech, such as the facts about the Denver Airport Conspiracy and the statistics of dogs in the shelters. I feel as if my content matter of speeches were what they needed to be. The organization of my speeches got better throughout the semester. I feel in the beginning of the semester I did not really know how to fully prepare an outline for my speech and to find credible sources, but by the time my persuasive speech rolled around I feel as I was able to stay organized while completing the project and while presenting it. My student organization skills grew during the semester. I was able to create a full sentence outline for my speeches and know what I need to say
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