Persuasive Speech Against Marijuana

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Marijuana is a magical plant that has been used and accepted in every culture it had been introduced in up until it was made illegal in the United States. In fact, after declared illegal, the use of it greatly increased and has been rising ever since. It's legalization is sweeping the world, and now in California marijuana is a legal, regulated substance available to those over 21. I've heard some false information going around and I'd like to clear the air about it. These are the raw facts with absolutely no bias. Myth: Marijuana is extremely addictive. Long term marijuana users grow dependent, suffer from withdrawal, and often need professional drug treatment to break their marijuana habits. Fact: There is no physical addiction to marijuana.…show more content…
Fact: Marijuana is generally NOT a gateway drug. However there are people who are thrill seekers looking for the next high who think marijuana isn't extreme enough, and ultimately will go about searching for the next high. Those people usually do start out smoking marijuana. Marijuana is only a gateway drug if you have the kind of personality that is always looking for experiences that are bigger and better. Myth: Marijuana makes you Anti-motivational Fact: People who are intoxicated constantly, regardless of the drug, are unlikely to be productive members of society. However, most marijuana users aren't intoxicated constantly. In a test study, occasional marijuana users were exactly as productive as non-users, and in some cases, they were even more productive. Often, the motivational issues that come from marijuana come from the culture that cannabis is associated with. Myth: Marijuana Kills Brain Cells Fact: Marijuana does NOT kill brain cells. Period. End of story. Myth: Marijuana Impairs Memory Fact: Marijuana users have the same (if not better in some cases) long-term/short-term capability as any non-user. However, while under the influence, a marijuana user will have trouble with short term memory and recalling past…show more content…
While I may be young (20 years old), I am far from being liberal, and far from being uninformed. In fact I consider myself a strict conservative. I believe in the ideals of limited government and promoting citizens to be independent contributors to our nation's economy and our nation's general welfare. Individuals know how to run their lives better then the federal government. The government should only interfere if people's rights, as defined by our Constitution, are being restricted or violated. I feel legalizing marijuana for private recreational use does not violate anyone's rights. It is not the government's job to enforce morality. Morality is subjective, so what gives the Federal Government the authority to decide what is morally right or morally wrong? If you do not share this viewpoint look at previous politicians. Former President Bill Clinton had several affairs while serving in the Oval Office, and lied under oath. Mark Foley had inappropriate relationships with young boys serving as pages for the Congressman. Many politicians are stereotyped as lying conmen who would do anything for a vote. Are these the type of people you want defining right and wrong? Another reason society should not give moral authority to the Federal Government is because it violates the First Amendment. Freedom of
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