Persuasive Speech Against School Uniform

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Uniforms People say you are what you wear. Well, uniforms are expensive and are a violation of human rights, even though it’s professional and sober clothing, they don’t allow students to express who they are, so how are they supposed to be what they wear? People say it prevents bullying, but bullying can happen without uniform. School uniform promotes conformity over individuality. They are difficult to enforce in public schools. It is more money to pay for uniforms and normal clothes outside of school. There really isn’t a uniform in real life like working if you work as a janitor at a school it doesn’t matter what you wear it matters that you get the job done. To begin with, the clearest point about anti-uniforms is that they don’t allow self-expression. We live in a world that is full of special aspects that make our world an unplanned one. Executing that at an early age only to take away the creativity and to encourage obedience. We want to inspire our new generation to show who they really are and to think way outside the box. In addition, there is yet another thing which is uniforms are more expensive than they should. No one uses their uniform outside of school. When a kid goes to the movies or to their friend's house. So parents are forced to buy clothes from outside of school. It is also a struggle when the kids grow and their parents are forced again to buy more clothes. That is a continuous cycle. It is also a financial burden to families that aren’t able to

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