Persuasive Speech : ' Black Friday '

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Purpose Statement: To try to persuade this audience to boycott Black Friday.
Thesis statement: Black Friday has turned a family holiday shopping tradition into a bizarre corporate greed competition that has resulted in unnecessary violence, and is now taking over a nationally recognized holiday.
Attention Getter: Black Friday! The BEST deal! Or, is it really worth it? More importantly, why should we boycott it?
Overview of Main Points: Today I’m going to talk about Black Friday. I’m going to give a brief history of the term, what it is today, why we should boycott, and offer some alternatives to holiday shopping.
(Let’s begin with some history)
I. I found several sources stating how the term “Black Friday” began. Some of the first dates I came across were to describe giant stock market crashes. The term started being used later by the Philadelphia Police Department the day after Thanksgiving.
A. The first “Black Friday” on record was on September 24, 1869.
1. According to an article on, and, this day was deemed Black Friday after the crash of the gold market in the United States.
2. The scandal of that day started to coin the term “black” to describe other horrible days in financial markets where stocks have plummeted.
B. In the early 1960s the Philadelphia police department started calling the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday to describe the horrible traffic conditions downtown.
1. The city hosted an Army vs. Navy football

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