(Persuasive Speech) City-Wide Wifi

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Intro: WiFi, WiFi everywhere. WiFi everywhere you go, no more bad connection. You can’t escape it. When you step outside, free WiFi. When you step inside, free WiFi. When you go to your technologically impaired Grandma’s house, free WiFi. When you’re going for a bike ride, free WiFi. This, is what happens when you have citywide WiFi. Aren’t you tired of getting nagged by your parents about going over your data limit on 3G or 4G? Aren’t you tired of those super expensive phone bills? The cheapest 2-year plan for an iPhone is $1,799.76. If that’s not expensive to you, then listen to this. The most expensive 2-year contract for the iPhone costs $3,360.00. Imagine getting to keep all of that money. You’d have thousands of dollars over just a…show more content…
If microsoft wants free public wi-fi for the xbox gaming console, you know the wi-fi will be blazing fast. this is because xboxes need an enormous amount of bandwidth to run smoothly. so if microsoft wants wi-fi, they will want it to be fast so their xbox customers are satisfied with their product. Free wi-fi will create a huge debate between the people who want to rip you off, and the people who want to give you the best technological entertainment possible. would you rather continue on this path of slow, expensive service, or would you like to see the other side of the spectrum?-blazing fast internet service that anyone can afford an can use at anytime. Concluding Sentence: Free public wi-fi has the opportunity to not only change the way people communicate, but also change they way people work and play. --- #2 Attention Getting Topic Sentence: You may think that WiFi is more of a luxury than a necessity, though with current smartphone technologies it becoming of a necessity rather than luxury. Analysis: Public WiFi can be used for educational tools, emergency services, daily web browsing, and much more... Some consumers already use their 4G data on their smartphones but what about the others who don’t own smartphones. It’s estimated that approximately 94% of city dwellers own an internet capable device. With such a high rate, it’s highly necessary for

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