Persuasive Speech Essay

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“I don’t belong here.” Lucy cried. “What is my purpose?” A few months earlier, Lucy is a very gifted girl. She has red rough hair, light blue eyes, and a big beautiful smile. Lucy is always sent from home to home because her parents died in a car crash when she was 5. She’s always getting bullied for how she dresses. Lucy has one thing to keep her calm, and that is art. Lucy loves art. She feels that it helps her express her emotions. The only person she can go to is Mrs.Ronald (the art teacher). Mrs.Ronald gives Lucy extra supplies so she can paint. Lucy never told anyone about the kids bullying her. They’ll always say, “Lucy is a loser!” The funny part is that they try to make random things rhyme. Some days Lucy wonders what it will be…show more content…
From that day Perrie and Lucy were friends. After lunch Lucy had art. Mrs.Ronald asked Lucy, “Is that you're new friend?” “We met at lunch” Perrie said, butting in. The assignment today was to draw a picture of your family. All Lucy drew was herself. Perrie drew 3 sisters, 4 brothers, and her mom and dad. “Where is the rest of your family?” Perrie asked. “They died in a car crash, so i'm basically by myself. I live with a foster mom , but she’s really not my “family”. “I’m sorry” Perrie said, looking down. Before they knew it class was over. It was finally time to go.
While Lucy was walking to her locker the same people that bothered her first period is back. They knocked down her books. Then, pushed and shoved her. Luke said, “Why don’t you just go home and never come back.” I probably won’t. She picked up all her stuff and stormed off crying a river. Later that day, Lucy made it to her foster home. “Hey honey, how was your day?” Lucy’s foster mom asked. “Hi” Lucy murmured.. “What’s wrong with you?” Lucy’s mom asked. Lucy shouted, “Nothing, I just want to be alone.” She went, to her room and started to write notes to her loved ones. She wrote one to Perrie telling her sorry for leaving so soon. She also said that she was a very great friend. She wrote one to her foster mom telling her that she was her favorite foster parent. Finally, she wrote one to Mrs.Ronald telling her thank for making believe in herself and

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