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“Do not change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.” Every single day of my life I have lived by this quote and have felt the effects of it but it was not until two years ago that I understood it. “MARGARET ANNE BECKETT get your butt out of bed!” my mom screamed from outside my door. I trudged out of bed in desperate need of caffeine. I have never been fond of the morning but this morning I was desperately hoping would just disappear. You know that day that you wish would just fall into the background and would never happen again. My first day of JROTC was just that. I despised the Army program with all my heart. Why did I have to do this stupid program it was full of people I didn’t know who would think I was the strangest person that they ever met. Taking the shortest shower known to humanity I threw on a hoodie I had permanently borrowed from one of my sibling and a pair of yoga pants. The smell of eggs wafted down the hallway and I knew in my heart that they were for me. I slowly trudged into the kitchen dreading the moment those yellow runny things slid on my plate. “Mom don't we have something else to eat for breakfast we have already had them 4 times this week and it is only Wednesday.” If there is a look that could make a grown man shut up and start crying that look my mom gave me was exactly that. I forced the rubber like food down my throat and jumped into the car. What have I gotten myself into? The only reason I had
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