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Speech Goal: To inform the audience about physical child abuse.


I. I want everyone to take a moment to think back to your own childhood. Think about the things you wanted and the things you had. For some of us, our childhood was the best, but for others it probably could’ve gone better.

II. Unfortunately for many children a day in life is something unwanted.

III. Every child deserves to have a happy and experience a perfect childhood. Most children wish for a trip to Disney or anywhere to visit. But in some cases a child could only wish for the love of a parent or a guardian.

Thesis Statement: Child abuse is very mournful subject, but it’s something that needs attention and to be known, and it also
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III. So what can we do to help these children and stop child abuse? A. Jonathan Anthony author of the book Neglected but Undefeated said “Faith is why I 'm here today and faith is why I made it through.” 1. As a victim himself of child abuse, he leaves many children with strong hope. Unfortunately some children are not able to recover, but for those who do, it is because they received help and are offered love by those who truly care for them. 2. As not many children are able to stick up for themselves, overall they are defenseless, but you as an adult, aren’t. We can help a child by speaking out for them and letting their problem be known. B. Child abuse does not go away on its own, but 90 percent of child abuse is preventable. 1. Child abuse is a problem no one really talks about. Abuse and neglect are the number 1 cause of injury to children in the country. More children die of abuse or neglect than of natural causes. 2. So the main way to help a child is reporting an abuse if you suspect it’s happening. A child will probably not understand, but will be truly grateful later in their life.

In conclusion

I. Your childhood might have been way better than most of these kids, but is it really all the materialistic things that are important? To these children it’s the love of a parent or guardian that they value the most. II. You’ve learned the
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