Persuasive Speech For College Essay

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1. Attention Step
Attention Getter: I’m certain that everyone in this classroom does not want to fall into the statistics of being unemployment after graduation. Therefore, you should take into consideration my speech about how you can avoid this situation and start acting now.
Thesis: I will be stating some steps that will ensure you to be successful individuals and help you avoid the experience of being an unemployed college graduate.
Relevancy: This topic pertains to all of us even me because were all college students and some of us are closer to graduation. As we individually approach our graduations, we need to prepare for the next stage in our paths. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we need some assistance before taking off in our careers.
Credibility: While I was conducting my research, I was fortunate to get more insight from Jenna Heath, a career professional in the Career Services office. I was able to learn more about the services they offer and conclude my theory of how beneficial it is to seek their resources.

More introductory information:
I conducted an in-person survey interview with Jenna from Career Services who gave me more insight of how undergraduate students are utilizing their services. Within the last week an estimated 30 students schedule an appointment or dropped in for advising into their office. In a school with 29,700 students that number seems low for the number of students that could potentially need help but that don’t reach out for help.
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