Persuasive Speech For Flipinos

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Welcome to the Future Foreign Urban Careers Convention, also known as F. F.U.C.C. or F-FOOK-K. I know you are all anxious to travel to distant lands, embark upon adventures, and begin working on your first million in your chosen career fields! STOP! Before you board that airplane, I am attempting to SAVE YOUR LIFE--at the most keep you from arrest or fines--at the least, embarrassment. I have been asked by the Chairperson of F-FOOK-K to speak to you today because there just may be no one more qualified to address the topic of Foreign Faux Pas than “moi”. FAUX PAS is French. Spelled as if it should be pronounced FOX PASS, but it IS NOT! The X and the S are, SILENT. And that, friends, should be the first faux pas you step around. According to Dictionary, Faux pas literally means false step; social blunder. Do not take a false step into a big pile of . . . embarrassing or offensive unlawful, social crap. Why me, you ask? Unfortunately, I have seen the inside of more foreign police stations, consulates and embassies than most heads of state; probably more than most talking heads, radioheads, OR Deadheads, and CERTAINLY more than any heads of class. My first ‘faux’ arrest was at the tender age of 6 while my father was US Ambassador to Singapore; I simply forgot to flush the toilet in a public restroom. Who knew?!? My parents were lucky to only pay a small fine under the table, to get me released from mall security that time. When I
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