Persuasive Speech For Teenagers Who Are Considering Becoming Vegan

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Jackson PORTER English Persuasive Speech Statement of Intent: I am writing a persuasive speech for teenagers who are considering becoming vegan. This would be presented at schools and could also be formed into some sort of video to go online. My contentions are that eating a strictly vegan diet can cause an insufficient intake of essential nutrients as well as that eating only vegetables can create an extremely high demand for plant products in turn killing thousands of small animals. I am going to challenge the audience 's belief that a diet without animal products is good for them and also suggest other ways to stop animal cruelty, which they would feel strongly about. I will appeal to their values of animal rights, the environment and eating a healthy diet. I will use facts and statistics to convince them why a vegan diet is not healthy, this will appeal to logos and ethos. I will use examples and suggestions to offer other solutions to the mistreatment of animals other than letting their health suffer, this will be a gentle use of convincing as the topic of animal suffering is a very sensitive issue when talking to people who have extremely strong beliefs. Persuasive Speech: Considering becoming vegan? Do you want to join the fight to stop animal injustice at the same time as getting fit and healthy? It does seem like the perfect option doesn 't it? False. Eating a strictly vegan diet is actually far from perfect. In fact, eating only vegetables limits what nutrients

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