Essay on Persuasive Speech: Frivolous Lawsuits Are Out of Control

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Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that frivolous lawsuits are out of control in America Introduction: A. Attention Getter 1. We've all heard the story about the woman who spilled scalding hot coffee on herself and then successfully sued McDonald's. But we've also heard reports of burglars suing homeowners after injuring themselves during a robbery. Most of us laugh off these stories as urban legends made to show the ridiculousness of frivolous lawsuits, but you might be surprised, however by how many of these are true. B. 1. Let's face the facts: In America, anyone can sue anybody over anything at anytime B. Thesis 1. In order to increase your awareness of how the lawsuit craze sweeping the nation has gotten…show more content…
C. Or how about the man who sued Anheuser-Busch for false and misleading advertising? 1. The advertisements for Busch pictured fantasies of beautiful women in tropical settings that came to life for men while drinking Bud-Light. 2. When Richard Overton finally realized these fantasies were never going to come true, despite how much beer he consumed, he sued the company not only for false advertising, but also for emotional stress, mental injury, and financial loss of over ten thousand dollars. 3. Overton also became physically sick after drinking more and more beer, waiting for the fantasies to come to life. D. Heard a wrong weather prediction lately? 1. Then why haven't you sued the television station and weatherman yet? a. A woman in Israel won a case against a local TV station and its weatherman when he predicted that it was going to be a sunny day, but it in fact ended up raining. b. The woman claims that she left home lightly dressed because of this weather forecast. 1. Resulting from this, she caught the flu, missed four days of work, had to spend money on medication, and suffered from stress. C. Austin Aiken sued NBC because of a distasteful episode of "Fear Factor" that he watched. 1. The judge threw out this case in which Aiken claimed that the episode caused him suffering, injury, and great pain. 2. On the show the contestants were eating rats mixed in a blender, which

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