Persuasive Speech : ' Girl Power '

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Thanks to this phenomena I 've designed a hula hoop for the thumb, the idea is to get everyone looking as if they 've got their thumbs up, in turn the concept will make society appear friendly.

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Innovative invention for decades have by habit woken up our youth culture from their hormonal apathetic doldrums - I confess, it has been a durable sleep since Britpop and that exhaustive 'Girl Power ' message which energised youth culture to fever pitch. Youth culture overtax surely, I recall watching our youth culture engaging in Spice mania thinking, "you 'll better stop, or you will burn yourselves out by the time you are a young adult..." They did burn themselves out, and I knew it 'll take a miracle to raise our fresh faced darlings
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Studies show that rotation manifests a halcyon mental trance, and as we all know alternative medicines i.e. hypnotherapy; there 's no better escapism, without actually escaping I assume. Who knew via controlling the spinner 's rotation it 'll enable acute focus and confidence? By that logic, fairground ride attendants should be our lawmakers devising new monetary systems whereby our financial institutions can trade without risk. To keep up hand spinning profit margins, it 's advisable you should have your own spinner... hence, spin at your own pace... the concerns are if you watch other hand spinners you 'll put yourself in danger of agreeing to demands you wouldn 't normally be happy with - think Mowgli 's first meeting with Kaa from 'The Jungle Book... ' - slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist - eyeballs mirroring a helter-skelter.

Granted, the street vender offering the hand spinners to the passer-by was noticeably creepy, perhaps it was the wizard beard, He reminded me of a spaced-out hippy at a music festival holding out his hand saying; "hey man, in my hand is the key to success, use it wisely..." My forefathers always told me to be aware of small hands which 're more filthy than your own... naturally, I made a polite excuse saying... "I think you need it more than I, mate." In a way I view hand spinners
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