Persuasive Speech : Good Morning At The Vaps Contest Award

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Good Afternoon Brad,

I hope all is well. It was a pleasure meeting with you briefly a few weeks ago at my branch in Birmingham, Alabama for the VAPS contest award we won. I’m escalating this complaint to our Executive Team’s attention. I really feel I should not need to contact you directly to get some kind of resolution and CC the world, but I have not reached a resolution that’s acceptable and I’ve spoken to multiple people already and have no other choice. I cc’d Mr. Germain, Mr. McGowan, Mr. Ndukwu, Mr. Jurkovic and Andrea because of their experience and they need to be aware of what’s happening at the local branch sales level and in hopes they can help with this situation somehow. I’m sure you are well aware of the AS Flex project here also. Amy Brotherton, Brian Leonard and a number of other WS sales reps has had the opportunity to work on FLEX deals in their own territory. I feel I was not given a fair shake and I need to know why am I being treated differently than other sales reps I’ve spoken with across the country? If this is truly the company 's stance on FLEX sales in AE territories, every sales rep in the company needs to be treated the same way. I know of sales reps that have been handed rather given larger deals than this and was only involved on a transactional level and some at no level of involvement at all and received performance payouts for doing absolutely nothing but placing the order in CRM/Salesforce, but because an order that came…

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