Persuasive Speech : Hearing Gym Rats

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You walk into your local supplement store. As you enter, hearing gym rats arguing over whether they should try paleo or not, you see the rows and shelves covered in colorful and shiny containers. But one specific item stands out. The gold holographic font and enormous size of the container assures you that this is certainly a product worth your hard-earned money. Little do you know that those gym rats will be laughing at you when you leave. With supplements becoming increasingly popular in recent years, companies producing them are trying different advertising tactics. Some of these strategies are slightly more low-brow than others. Muscletech’s new but stereotypical ad of its whey protein formula uses vague scientific references, loaded…show more content…
The ad emphasizes more on the merchandise itself, and not the caption accompanying it. This could be the advertisers trying to pull attention away from the caption, but didn’t want to leave it out entirely as it may have left something to be desired by the viewer. These design characteristics of the advertisement can cause the viewer to draw incorrect conclusions. The advertisement uses various rational appeals. The most sincere of these is merely giving the nutritional facts of the supplement. Showing the protein and BCAAs of the product could attract consumers who are desiring more protein in their diet, or are taking a supplement that has less nutritional value. In the caption, the advertisement claims “Scientific studies show that whey peptides can create an insulin spike that delivers nutrients to hungry muscles.” This claim is then left alone with no supporting evidence, or refence to the scientific study the advertisement is referring to. Even though the claim could be true, the advertisers just left it unaccompanied in the middle of the caption. One comparable to this is the phrase “proven to build lean muscle and strength,” which is standalone with no supporting points. These ploys are also trying to raise their product over the competition using ambiguous claims with no supporting evidence. Several pathos appeals are used as well, using consumers’ biases

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