Persuasive Speech: Horse Racing

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I remember as a little kid and now being fascinated by race horses. When I was around eight years old, my grandfather took me to a farm where they raise race horses. They were out exercising Mine That Bird and a few other horses. I thought it was so fascinating! The owner walked up to and asked if I enjoy watching them, I said very shyly,” yes sir.” He took me to the barn and let me look at all the foals and I was astonished. I got to thinking what all do they have to do to get these young foals ready to one day race? I asked Mr. Allen, and he said, “there are many things that you can do but some people don’t do the right thing and they cheat their way to victory”. Horse Racing is a gambling, sport and always has been for many years. Thousands of people each year go and watch the horseraces all over the country, even the world. There are some owners that take amazing care of their horses, making sure that they have all of the supplements that they need, they go to the vet when need, and they are properly trained to do their best at the race. Then there are some owners that just care about the fame and the money. They are the people you have to watch out for. Don’t get me wrong all race horse owners want their name to get out and the money to be going into their bank account. But, the race horse owners that just want…show more content…
They are hurting the horse more than helping it in the long run. There are dozens of illegal drugs in the race horse industry. My main focus is five of them, Anabolic Steroids, Corticost Steroids, Milkshake, Lasiks and Aces(Gustafson, 2008). These drugs are used for many different things to build up muscle, take down swelling, to make a horse’s performance better, internal bleeding into the lungs, causing, what people call bleeders and to almost make then zone out, or not make them act all crazy. These drugs could be masking a very simple problem that could be fixed or making an even bigger problem
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