Persuasive Speech : Is Abortion Immoral?

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Persuasive speech

Is abortion immoral?

In my opinion, abortion is not immoral.
Whether a mother wants to get an abortion or not, is up to the individual. Everyone is entitled to the rights of their own body, therefore it is wrong to tell someone what they can and can’t do with it. Pregnancy has a huge effect on the mother’s body alone; it changes every aspect of her life forever. Having a child, especially if it is unplanned, could potentially disrupt her career, social life and many other important parts of everyday life.
If the mother was not prepared or was incapable of raising a child, then that could be harmful to the baby’s upbringing. If the mother was a person who enjoyed taking drugs, drinking or smoking and wouldn’t show any signs of quitting even if they knew they were pregnant and chose to go through the pregnancy, then the baby could be born with serious health problems, or worse. The child could even grow up already addicted to drugs or cigarettes, which could make already existing problems worse or create new problems entirely.
Having access to legal abortions, done by people who are trained specifically to do as such, reduces the risk of complications and injury. 98% of unsafe abortions are performed in developing countries and countries where abortion is illegal; this fact alone increases the mortality rate of mothers.
The main opposing arguments against abortion were that “Life begins at conception”, “foetuses have a right to a future” and “foetuses

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