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Malorie Stick Mrs. Lozares Honors English II 15 February 2017 Looking to Law Convincing a group of middle schoolers to join debate their freshman year isn’t the ideal thing anyone would want to do; but neither is convincing a jury that your client is indeed innocent and you have all the evidence to prove it. Despite the lack of publicity that the debate program gets at Durant High School, I chose to listen to the debater who was speaking at our freshman orientation. Signing up for debate is only one of the first steps to preparing yourself for one of the most stressful, yet rewarding jobs there is to offer. Defending someone who is guilty seems bad, but so does prosecuting someone who is innocent. We are all guaranteed the right to a fair…show more content…
One law school I am considering attending is The University of Oklahoma College of Law, which has a bar exam pass rate of 90.9% (Law Schools Start Students attending The University of Oklahoma College of Law need to have three full years of law school and pass the bar exam to be qualified to graduate ( Law school can be stressful for many students, but it definitely pays off later in life. Following law school, the next mission of most law school graduates is to get settled into a superior law firm. 14. Some projected employment opportunities for law school graduates are arbitrators, mediators and conciliators, judges and hearing officers, paralegals and legal assistants, and postsecondary teachers (Bureau of Labor Personally, I would like to become a criminal justice attorney with my law degree. 3. If students would like to become a lawyer with their law degree, there are numerous kinds of organizations or companies that would employ law school graduates. According to Lawyer, three organizations that will typically employ lawyers are banks, corporations, and of course; regular law firms. 15. Some more specific professional organizations that are associated with lawyers are American Association for Justice, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association ( 6. Once lawyers get settled into a quality law firm, there is a sequence for advancement that is expected.
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