Persuasive Speech : Medical Marijuana

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Title: Medical Marijuana
Speaker: Maria Garza, Front Range Community College student.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to enter a marijuana dispensary, learn about the benefits for pain, and use a product that best suites their individual wants/needs; rather than the use of prescription medications.

I. Introduction/Attention

A. Attention-getter: Living in Colorado the use of marijuana is legal and is used by many with success. Does anyone here know a person or is a person who has used marijuana for pain relief?

B. Establishment of ethos: I was recently diagnosed with a type of an auto immune disease, which is when your immune system attacks your body because it thinks that the healthy cells in your body are unknown. With the disease I wake up in the mornings with my hands so swollen that I can not grasp my toothbrush. About a week ago I went into a dispensary and informed myself on what would help with the inflammation without having to smoke the product and they gave me different options that could help. I started to use a lotion and I found it helpful with the amount of swelling and pain in my joints. With the success of the product I continued with further research to identify the positive effects that marijuana provides. My sister also uses marijuana to help her pain and it has been successful.

C. Thesis statement: I encourage you to enter a marijuana dispensary and inform yourself of how marijuana can be a better choice for pain relief than…
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