Persuasive Speech On Animal Cruelty

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Have you ever wanted a puppy from a place called a puppy mill? I bet you thought it was a nice place where all your puppy dreams come true. I bet you thought it was beautiful, cuddly land of puppies. It is a land of puppies but i'm here to tell you the truth about those puppies mills. Have you ever gone to a circus that has animals? Have you ever thought that those animals are having a good time performing for you? I’m here to tell you the truth of it all. I'm an owner of a dog a cat and a few other animals and when I heard the truth about what happens to some of these animals I was astonished. Let me tell you a little bit about puppy mills. Puppy mills bread too much dogs, and i'm sad to say but some of the puppies die,suffer, and are forced with those traits that they a born with. After I heard this I started to research about this topic to see how to help those animals. I got one question surrounding all my research but first I had some smaller questions: What animals need protection? What animal are affected by animal rights? What changes occur with no animal rights? Who is harming the animals? Which animals are getting harmed? I had my driving question which is: How do we in U.S. solve animal Cruelty? After doing my research I found the solutions I needed to help animals but I needed the problems to help enforce animals rights to poachers, hunters, puppy mills, and circuses. The first problem I found was Puppy Mills. Puppy Mills force dogs to breed and have
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