Persuasive Speech On Animal Rights

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By: Skyelar Nelson
A Man’s Best Friend
Dog. Cat. Mouse. Hamster. Horse. You animal lovers out there know that the bond you make with an animal is something unbreakable. Their loyalty and overall joy when they see you just lights up your day. Think back to your childhood pet. Remember that feeling you would get when you came home from a long day of school and your pet came running up to you radiating their love for you. Immediately turning your frown upside down. Your pet is your friend not something you own. It is a needed companion that lights up your life. Imagine your childhood pet being caged, tortured, dissected, brutally murdered, or much much worse. These horrific actions are repeatedly happening to sweet innocent animals all across the globe. Which is why we need to move to gain more rights for the world's animals and stop animal testing, inhumane animal treatment in food industry, animal abuse, dog fighting, and even animals enlisted in the circus. Close your eyes. Count to 2. In that time an animal was abused by one of the heinous acts listed along with many other inhumane action. In the time my speech will take over 500 helpless animals would have been abused in the all over the world. These animals don’t have a voice to stop this horrible action being taken towards them. Be their voice. Achieve higher animal rights in order to save millions of helpless lives.
Animal Testing for any scientific or commercial use is a heinous action and should be banned because
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