Persuasive Speech On Ayurveda Vacation

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Top reasons why we should go to a Ayurveda vacation

Ayurveda medicine has been gaining much popularity in the last few years and there is no wonder that it is favourite among those who want to get healthy and look for ways heal from certain diseases. Ayurveda can be described as ancient science about health originating from the East which has roots in Hindu culture. This ancient Indian medicine has existed for 5000 years. Therefore this makes it one of the world’s oldest health systems. Its purpose is not only to make us healthy and help us get rid of specific diseases but also bring everyone a spiritual wellbeing and harmony.
The Sanskrit word "ayurveda" means knowledge about life because ayur means (life) and veda means (science or knowledge). This Hindu medical system inspired by the elements was influenced by the Chinese and Tibetan medicine. One of the beliefs of Ayurveda medicine is that there are three doshas (basic types of energy in the body): Vata Pita and Kapha and the diseases are caused by the disbalance of these energies.
Ayurveda medicine not only helps to refresh and rejuvenate all systems of our body but also has the ability to prevent even serious life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Its main dogma is that health depends on a frail balance between body, mind and spirit. While this
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It’s not necessary to suffer from a serious disease in order to turn to Ayurveda for help. Ayurveda medicine includes therapies and massages for those who just want to rejuvenate, clean their body from the toxins or relax their mind. The therapeutic methods of Ayurveda include different practices and products such as herbal compounds and natural oils, special healthy diets, guided meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercises, also lifestyle recommendations and other unique health practices. The natural Ayurvedic products include combinations of herbs, minerals and other
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