Persuasive Speech On Being A Vegetarian

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Picture the screams of millions of cow as the butcher slice their throat, the squeal of newborn male chicks as they are grinded up alive, and the tears that fall out of male pigs’ eye as they are neuter without any anesthesia. There is no such thing as humane way to slaughter animals. It is not right to take another precious creature life for our own selfish reason. How can we, as humans, be so heartless and turn the other eye on such issue? I think by becoming a vegetarian can be very beneficial because not only will you live longer, but you will also save the lives of millions of animals. According to Peta approximately 150 billion land animal are killed for consumption every year which is morally wrong. Angela Henderson, a representative from Peta stated “Animals feel fear, grief and pain when they are next in line to die at the slaughter house.”. This quote shows reader that animal is not heartless and soulless being without feeling. The product that we consume everyday ranging from dairy product such as milk to the meat we eat such as pork chop are tie to the suffering of animals. Hen in the egg factories experience a gruesome life from the day they are born to the day they die. Baby chicks have their beak mutilated at birth without any anesthesia and from there they spend the rest of their life in tiny little cages until their death. Most hen never witness a day of sunlight. Their living condition is so horrible that they are force to urinate and defecate one and

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