Persuasive Speech On Child Soldiers

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Is it known to the billions in this world, of the many who are unfairly tortured? Thousands and thousands of people are tormented, and living a difficult life. Of these thousands, are child soldiers. Child soldiers experience awful wars with bloodshed, which no child should ever experience. The Middle East, where most children are recruited, is filled with cities of rubble. Children living in this environment can’t go to school, starve and may even be abandoned or separated from their parents. Being in war, child soldiers commit crimes each and every time they land a foot on the battlefield. Is this their choice? Is it considered fun for them to play with weapons? Should they be forgiven for their actions? Child soldiers should be given amnesty…show more content…
Child soldiers don’t know what they are getting themselves into when they are told to kill. They are unsuspecting of the dangers, and traces left on their permanent record. One authority described the children’s mentality:“ ‘Children are often desired as recruits because they can be easily intimidated and indoctrinated. They lack the mental maturity and judgment to express consent or to fully understand the implications of their actions… and are pushed by their adult commanders into perpetrating atrocities,’ the report said” (“Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?” from soldiers don’t realize that they shouldn’t let adults physically push them around. Child soldiers are told to kill and they do it because they are not only afraid, but because they think if a grown-up tells them to complete a specific task, they have to obey. Also, many of these child soldiers come from places with wrecked schools.The poor environment averts child soldiers from getting the education they need. So, it may be implied that without these schools, without education, a child won’t know what is right and wrong.“Most children have never been in a classroom or played in a park” (“Armed and Underage” by Jeffrey Gettleman).Child soldiers aren’t exposed to learning environments like schools; all they’ve ever known and adapted to, are battlefields. Children, being so young, haven’t developed the…show more content…
Viewers who support not forgiving child soldiers say child soldiers need to learn that what they did was wrong and by sending them to tough camps like Guantanamo Bay, they will have time to understand their mistakes. However, keeping these children in an as equal harsh environment will only trigger there actions to go and further violate laws. Like said previously, Omar Khadr, a child soldier now living in Guantanamo Bay, went on to murder U.S Army Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer. Despite that fact that others believe there are many children who choose to become a soldier, there is always are driving factor which possibly may seem like a children's choice. In other words, this claim is untrue. Children not only become child soldiers because they are abandoned by their parents, or are forced, sometimes the parents have little money and send their kids off. The parents can’t keep up with bills or feeding the family, so their only hope to make money is deporting their children for the maximum pay of $1.50. This situation of send off may look like the child chose to be in the military, but this is inaccurate. Lastly, critics argue child soldiers are better fighters than adult soldiers.
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