Persuasive Speech On Coffee

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Have you ever had does times when you’re tired, distracted, unable to focus on your work. Have you ever felt like you’re wanna yawn in class.
Coffee would be the best solution to this problem and our school should start promoting it and selling to all secondary students.
I think that we all or most of us agree that this should happen. However, we are always told that it is bad for us. I’m sure that you’re parents must have told you that caffeine will stunt your growth, but it’s just a myth, We’ve all been brainwashed by the things that we’re told and no one ever talks about the good, no, amazing benefits that it could do for us especially as students. So, whenever your teachers or even your parents stop you from drinking coffee you can tell them these pros and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

Point 1:
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Recent studies show that coffee could help reduce stress. In an experiment, half of the mice were given caffeine in their water and the other half had regular plain water. Then they were all put into stressful situations such as water, cold baths, cages tilted to 45 degrees. And surprisingly, only the mice that had no caffeine intake experienced stress behaviour. A Harvard study also states that it decrease suicidal rate by 50 %. Then, you might think why coffee and not energy drinks? Because not only does the caffeine in coffee help with stress relief, but as well as the fragrance of coffee. A study conducted by a team in Seoul National University found that coffee bean aroma increased the activity of 11 genes and decreased the activity of 2 genes in mice, minimising the stress due to deprived sleep. It also improved genes that produce protein and healthy antioxidants.Yes, it has health benefits
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