Persuasive Speech On Cs

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You have nothing better to do, wake up and go to school; do not worry about boys, they are no good for you; is that a “C” I see, I do not allow “C’s” in this house; do not drive too fast, you will get in trouble with the law, we will get in trouble with the law; we are Hispanics, they do not want to see you succeed, they don’t expect you to succeed; but I want to have fun; if you do not care about your education or your future, you have a lot of growing up to do; get off your phone while studying, it kills brain cells; don’t slouch, it will affect your business women walk; you’re not white, you’re future is not guaranteed, you have to guarantee it; I raised you better than that, complaining doesn't get things done; but you never went to college,
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