Persuasive Speech On Divorce

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“What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Thanks, Mr. Shakespeare!

Once you divorce, you have the right to keep your husband's last name, return to your maiden name or heck, make up a whole new name of your choosing. And in most states, it's relatively easy to make a change, assuming your attorney included a clause in the divorce decree that gave you the right to change your name. It's usually standard, but in recent months, we've heard from several divorcees that wanted to return to their maiden names but didn't because that little clause wasn't included in the decree. When checking into the matter, we learned that exclusion of the clause requires you to make a formal request via an attorney and appear in court. And of course, all that is going to cost more money. And for that
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Maybe your family name was well known and could be beneficial to you now, especially if you find yourself preparing to re-enter the job market. Do you have a sense that returning to your maiden name will somehow make you feel like the person you were before the wedding? Is there some level of prestige associated with either name that is meaningful? And remember that perceived influence can quickly fall to the other side of the fence and become an embarrassment.
Your marital status has changed, and along with it, several other changes are to be expected, and there isn't any change that will make your past disappear, so accept things for what they are, good or bad, learn from them if you can and move on under any name.
One attorney reminded us that making the name change to avoid creditors, if your hubby left you holding a big bag of debt, most courts will want to ensure you are changing your name for a good reason and not to just avoid your legal
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