Persuasive Speech On Duramax Hemi V8

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I'm going to tell you about v8 v6 cummins Duramax hemi v8 and big blocks. V8 engines are all about power as soon as you step on the accelerator. You’ll definitely feel the difference. Passing performance is impressive with modern v8s. There’s often a sensation that the vehicle will never stop accelerating. That is why you will like them. The V6 is commercially successful in mid-size cars in the modern age of high fuel. Prices and price sensitive consumers because it is less expensive to build and has better fuel consumption. Than the V8 while being smoother in large sizes. Than the inline 4 which develops increasingly serious vibration problems in larger engines. That is why some people like them more than others. Cummins Power Systems Automatic Transfer Switches. Commercial Power Systems, Consumer Systems, Engines, and Paralleling Systems. Cummins Power Systems is a global provider of power generation systems. Components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in…show more content…
However, a hemi-head allows no more than two valves per cylinder, and these large valves are necessarily heavier than in a multi-valve engine. The intake and exhaust valves lie on opposite sides of the chamber and necessitate a cross-flow head design. Since the combustion chamber is a partial hemisphere, a flat-topped piston would yield too low a compression ratio unless a very long stroke is used, so to attain desired compression ratio the piston crown is domed to protrude into the head at top dead center, resulting in a combustion chamber in the shape of the thick peel of half an
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