Persuasive Speech On Early Sex Education

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They say kids are the future. What type of parents are raising our future? When you look at these 20 crazy, immature parents you might get worried.

#20 Bath Time When you have children there are certain things you are expected to do for them, and giving a bath is just one thing on the list. One parents found daily routine life to be rather boring so they decided to put their baby girl in the toilet. She looks happy, but what do children know?

#19 Hit me Baby one more time Being a mother is a huge risk all by itself, but being a gambling mother, well that’s a whole new level. You never know beforehand what people are capable of, but leaving your infant on the floor while you are on a winning strike is NOT acceptable.

#18 A special cake
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That’s a face of one very terrified and amazed girl. To make things even worse, there is a second cake with the same decoration. Although we are strong believers in the importance of early sex education, the only thing this girl is going to get from all this is a childhood
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