Persuasive Speech On Free Speech

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Free speech, the right for people to express their opinions and thoughts has and will continue to be an ongoing daily debate in many people’s lives. As we grow up and become more aware of the political, social, and economic issues our world is faced with, we develop these thoughts based on the issues and we are either for or against them, creating a separation between left and right side debates. The discussion of being for or against platforming, has sparked the interest of universities into whether or not they should practice the ‘equal’ distribution of power amongst the general population and the steps they should take whether they agree or disagree with the issue as a whole.
The idea that speech can never be one hundred percent free goes to show that although there have been major improvements in people’s rights over time, there are still barriers that some believe must continue to be implemented to this day. The main topics of conversation during this debate include that there is a major difference between giving someone a platform, and having free speech. When you give someone a platform, they are looked at as the main focus and they are able to convey their opinions to bigger crowds rather than day-to-day human interaction. Giving someone the authority to speak their opinions to an audience can be risky as you are not aware whether there will be a certain filter for the specific audience, by being more sensitive to topics that some may get offended to. In a democratic
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