Persuasive Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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We live in a society where the man who holds, arguably, the highest position of authority in the world is free to say things such as “Grab her right in the pussy”, has referred to Mexican men as “bad hombres”, and has mocked a disabled reporter on television. Through legal terms, it is difficult to infringe upon the rights of American citizens by regulating their speech and expression. Morally, however, it is more difficult to live in a society that protects the degrading, disrespectful speech of those that are attempting to spread hatred. There is a thin line that distinguishes freedom of speech from hate speech. The incitement of violence caused by hate speech plagues and cripples our society by threatening the lives of millions of people every day. Protecting hate speech that serves to dehumanize members of our society has proven to have dangerous consequences for everyone.
Hate speech has become one of the most prevalent, divisive issues in today’s society. Last year’s heated electoral season created a sense of tension, anger, and polarization. Donald Trump’s entire platform was based off of the dehumanization, prejudice, and degradation of a people. Trump’s rise to power was a platform that promoted the prevalence of offensive interactions with people whom he did not agree with or thought to be inferior. The President targeted minority groups like women, Mexicans, and Muslims to mirror the ideologies of his followers. By doing so, Trump successfully pitted people
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