Persuasive Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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Recently I was reflecting on what our country has come to. Professional athletes kneeling and disrespecting our flag, in an alleged effort to protest their beliefs, but are protected by their freedom of speech. Our country split apart by our most recent presidential election, by the verbal hate people spoke or continue to speak or post on social media, however, are protected by their freedom of speech. All of the sudden a bigger reality hit home, and restored my faith in America and humanity. You see on Friday, August 25, 2017, the 2nd Friday after school started, hurricane Harvey hit my small town of Katy, Texas. My mom, dad, sister, uncle, and myself stayed in our house during the storm. We lost power in our house for three days. We were the first street to flood in our subdivision, leaving us trapped and unable to go anywhere, and the last street to drain, leaving us the last street to get out once the water receded. On the second and third day we could hear airboat rescues in the front of our neighborhood, as they were literally in our back yard. When we were finally able to get out of the house and drive to the store for more gas we passed dozens of houses that had been flooded with 18-inches to 4-feet of water. It was heart wrenching and devastating. The mountains of sheetrock, cabinets, personal belongings on the side of the rode on almost every house in our neighborhood was sitting at the curb in total despair. Once we were able to get out of our neighborhood

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