Persuasive Speech On Global Warming

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In order for us to help the wildlife during global warming we need to decrease the amount of pollution we put in the air. We can do this by reducing the amount of energy we use and how many times we use our vehicles in a day. We could also stop littering and start recycling. Land development is also a cause. All of these ways can lead to deterioration of certain species’ habitats. This is a serious problem and i want to persuade and and inform you what we can do to stop it and how it is affecting everyday life lives all the way to to the littlest things to the biggest thing. Global warming is growing at a faster and faster rate. Society thinks global warming is not a big deal and is okay with it. Nobody should be okay with this. Global warming is a horrible way of how we treat yourself, our planet, and the animals.

The first thing I want to start off with is telling you what global warming is and give you an idea of what it can do to our planet. Global warming increases temperature all around the world. It also put a lot more carbon dioxide in the air by us humans. Pollution of Carbon dioxide is one is the most common one and is mostly caused by running vehicles exhaust, burning of fossil fuels such as coal,and factory smoke.when we let carbon dioxide in the air it has nowhere to go except in our atmosphere. therefore is causes rising temperature to build up in our atmosphere over time slowly. global warming is causing many conflicts around the world. Conflicts like melting ice glaciers, which causes rising sea levels. If the sea levels rises it can cause floods all around the world. If the sea levels keep rising some island will disappear. Heat waves are getting more and more common and will cause droughts. Cloud forest like true ecological kings of the jungle are dying off rapidly because of roads are being built, and farm settlement. The ecosystem is shifting in many parts of the globe, growing seasons is 2 weeks longer, animals are endangered, hibernation and migration is getting affected because of All of these has increased rapidly over the years. One of the dig problems on how global warming is affecting the earth is the impact on the trees like the true ecological kings of the jungle,
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