Persuasive Speech On Healthy Nutrition

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Healthy nutrition – what’s it all about? If I was to say to you, “you need to eat more healthily”, would you know what that meant? Do you know what it really means to follow healthy nutrition? Here we are going to look at 5 ways in which you can dramatically improve your nutrition and start eating healthier.

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Healthy Nutrition Tips

Healthy Nutrition Tip 1 – Avoid Added Sugar & Refined Carbohydrates

Whenever you eat lots of sugar or refined carbohydrates, this type of food is digested quickly, causing a large amount of glucose to be quickly released into the bloodstream. The body reacts to this by telling the pancreas to release the hormone insulin, which works to remove the excess glucose from the blood and store it temporarily as glycogen. Not only does this cause your energy levels to fluctuate rapidly, but if this temporary energy store is not burned off, it then gets converted into fat for long-term energy storage. Also, refined carbohydrates and sugary processed foods have very little nutritional value. So, although these foods taste nice, they make you moody, hyperactive, lethargic, overweight and unhealthy.
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These types of healthy carbohydrates contain more nutrients, and they also digest more slowly, giving you sustained energy

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