Persuasive Speech On How To Hire A Wedding Planner

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To Hire a wedding planner or not to hire a wedding planner? That is a question that has plagued many young couples for years. Presumably if all goes well and you have made the right choice, then you will only have one wedding so naturally you want to look back on it with happy memories of cake fights and conga lines, as opposed to forgotten rings and ruined wedding videos. With everything you have to remember and plan for just one day, it can be nerve wracking and a headache without question. The cholice is yours as to whether you hire a planner or not but if you chose to go it alone here are some great tips to help you on your way down the isle. 1. The Checklist! Okay I know some of you out there hate lists and the thought of organizing anything sends a chill down your spine but hear me when I say checklists are so important. Sit down with you spouse to be and write down everything you can think of that is needed for the wedding day, divide the list up and share out the duties. There are several websites out there with pre-maid lists so if you are not sure if you have forgotten something, just cross reference your list with one you find online. 2. Ask your friends and family Your friends and family can also be your wedding planners. I am sure many of them would be happy to contribute to your special day and you can count it as a gift if they are unable to shower you with a store bought gift. Also family and friends are always a good source of "don't forgets", remember most of them have been married or have participated in the process and survived the good, the bad and the ugly. Their knowledge is priceless and they are much cheaper than the advice of a wedding planner. 3. Organize a carpool In today's green world, many city folk dont have cars, so organizing a wedding carpool is a great way to make sure everyone you love and care about can be there on your special day. Also, organizing sober drivers at the same time wouldn't hurt! Trust me you do not want to be the person who forgot to get their 87 year old grandmother to her wedding. 4. Make a Facebook group A great way to save on invitations is to set up a Facebook group and invite everyone of your guests to join it. This is also a good way to keep

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